Home remodeling can bring big returns for owners

by lcmremodel

Remodeling your home can actually save you money. Thinking ahead can also save you some headaches later on.

When the time came for Blake and Taylor Howell, of Cullman, to purchase their first home they knew that there would have to be remodeling involved.

“There were no cabinets in the kitchen, so we added a whole cabinet/pantry wall,” Taylor explained.

The house, which was built in 1952, also lacked a closet in the master bedroom, so they resourcefully designed an armoire wall to accommodate their clothing and other accouterments usually stored in a traditional closet space. The armoire was built by Castle Cabinets of Hanceville.

The laundry room needed updating, as well. An inconveniently located water heater found a new home in an under-utilized space beneath the house, allowing them extra room in the laundry area for more storage. They updated the look by removing old-school paneling and replacing it with sheetrock. The room was painted with a soft gray, Benjamin Moore paint called “Revere Pewter,” repeating the color in the adjoining kitchen, which also got a facelift.

Taylor got lots of unique ideas from Pinterest, an online idea collection site for just about anything imaginable, like decorating, storage, paint colors, how-tos, and thousands of other hobby, craft, recipe and gardening ideas.

Fortunately, the hardwood floors in the kitchen were in good shape, so they could move on to the countertops, which were replaced with Polar Cap Quartz.

Taylor stores her dishes, glass ware, paper and plastic items and canned goods in the pantry wall, which is nine feet long, with a small 12-inch lip countertop attached for convenience.

One of Taylor’s favorite additions to the kitchen is the undermount sink, which came with the countertops. “It makes it so much easier to clean without that old-style rim,” she pointed out.