Design Workshop: Modern Handrail Details

by lcmremodel

o find the essence of something and express it honestly with as few elements as possible is something designers aspire to. The sheer number of decisions to be made when designing a home dictates that some items be no more than they’re required to be, but the notion that design should get out of the way is a paradox of sorts. The outwardly simple often consumes disproportionately more design labor to execute.

In the design of stairs and their details, informed minimalism makes good sense. We prioritize safety and function first and foremost, and our building codes dictate many of the dimensions we must use. The width, tread run, riser height, guardrail and handrail conventions, and even a handrail’s cross section and circumference are regulated. Within those safety and functional constraints, the following modern examples still manage to delight the senses.